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Happy Halloween!! Here is a delicious Pumpkin Bread Recipe! ENJOY!!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  All this month NHC has been feeding you important Insurance information that pertains to your Personal lives as well as for your Business Exposure’s and how to protect yourself from possible claims.  We hope that you have taken all the valuable advice into consideration and have a safe and FUN Halloween!!! Today however,  Instead [...]

Are you covered for the Haunting Horrors Halloween can bring you?


NHC Insurance Services is here to help protect you and your loved ones from possible claim situations. Here’s another example of what could very easily happen on Halloween to you or somebody you know.  Protect yourself and be prepared this Halloween season! For example, you have a crowd of trick or treaters making their way to [...]

“Don’t be frightened on Halloween” Tips & Tricks to avoid scary insurance claims.


During the month of October, NHC Insurance Services is going to provide you with some tips, tricks and possible claim scenarios to help make Halloween safe and fun at your house. More then 51% of people will decorate their home or yard for Halloween.  In general, many more claims/incidents happen on Halloween.  The day after Halloween, [...]

“Do you dress up your dog for Halloween”? Potential Liability Claim?


Are you a dog owner who dresses your dog in costume @ Halloween?  If so, you should be careful & cautious when trick or treating especially around little kids who will want to hug and pet your cute furry animal.  Even though us dog owners think it's cute & fun, your 4-legged furry friend might not [...]

Halloween Tricks for Business Owners


  Being a Business Owner can sometimes make you feel like a Zombie!! Luckily, your trusty Insurance Agents are here with some Tips and Tricks on how to safeguard your business so that this Halloween will be more of a treat than anything else! During the Halloween Season, crime tends to increase as well as other [...]

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