Are you a dog owner who dresses your dog in costume @ Halloween?  If so, you should be careful & cautious when trick or treating especially around little kids who will want to hug and pet your cute furry animal.  Even though us dog owners think it’s cute & fun, your 4-legged furry friend might not share your humor.  Dressing up your dogs can make them frightened and/or irritable.  You just don’t know how your dog may react so be careful around trick or treaters.

This could open the doors to a possible liability claim.  Does your Homeowners or Renter’s policies include Animal Liability Coverage?  Is the breed of your dog a dog that is excluded for liability coverage and/or on the “bad” dog list with your Insurance Carrier?

Review your Liability coverage’s and most importantly talk to your friendly Independent Insurance Agent about making sure your exposures are properly protected!!  Insurance is not a “one size/policy fits all”.  The right insurance agent can make all the difference come claims time. Call NHC Insurance Services for your FREE Insurance Review today!  Don’t wait until it’s too late!