We all know someone, it might even be ourselves, who leaves the house and wonders if something might happen to our home while we are gone. With renters insurance in California, you can leave your home every day with peace of mind.

In the unlikely event that something would happen to your belongings inside your home, California renters insurance has got you covered.

Cover Your Personal Items

Everyone has things at home that have monetary or sentimental value. With renters insurance in California, these items are covered with your policy— if something happens to those items, you don’t have to find a replacement at your own expense.

California renters insurance covers everything from natural damages to theft and fire and water damage, so that your items are safe in a long list of potential situations. The list includes liability coverage which protects yourself in case someone gets injured on your property and wants to sue you.

Don’t Rely on Your Landlord to Keep You Covered

A common misconception is that if your home would incur damage, your landlord’s insurance policy has got you covered. This is true for the building itself, but not for your belongings inside. Getting renters insurance in California means you won’t find yourself suffering monetary losses later.

Affordable Insurance

Affordability is often a reason to avoid something, but renters insurance costs don’t have to break the bank. Renters insurance in California is one of the most affordable types of insurance you can have and could save you way more than the insurance costs down the line.

Bundling is another great way to save money on insurance. When you bundle a renters policy with your auto policy, both policies will receive multi-account discounts, and sometimes the auto savings can pay for the renters policy.

Items Are Covered Even While You’re Traveling

Renters insurance in California means that you can claim if there is an accident or belongings were stolen while you were out of the area. Rest assured that California renters insurance has you covered even if you were away from home at the time.

NHC Insurance Services Helps You Find the Best Coverage

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