Are you covered for the Haunting Horrors Halloween can bring you?

NHC Insurance Services is here to help protect you and your loved ones from possible claim situations. Here’s another example of what could very easily happen on Halloween to you or somebody you know.  Protect yourself and be prepared this Halloween season!

For example, you have a crowd of trick or treaters making their way to your house to get their “treats”.  As they crowd their way up to your front porch, there are some rowdy little monsters pushing their way to the front to get the best candy you have.  While doing so, the cute little princess falls off the back of your stairs and breaks her leg.

Could you be held liable?  Did you do all you possibly  could to make sure your home was properly lit and your yard was safe? Do you have railings for your stairs?   You need to make sure you have enough Personal Liability coverage to protect your money and assets!  It costs very little to increase this limit on your homeowners/renter’s policies.  Talk to your insurance agent today about adding a Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability policy.  You might be surprised at how little it costs to increase your personal liability coverage.   California is a very litigious state, review your insurance policies before a claim happens.

Don’t be scared, call NHC Insurance Services today for your FREE Insurance Review! We’ve been providing peace of mind to our families, friends and insureds since 1986!