Are you prepared for possible Halloween Horrors? Review your Insurance policies now to avoid a frightful claim.

Halloween is around the corner, are you ready? More importantly, are your homeowners/renter’s insurance policies ready?  Are you covered if a trick or treater falls in the sidewalk crack in front of your house or on your property while racing to your front door? Could you be held liable for such injuries? What if your house is egged or vandalized, does your home/renters policies cover this type of damage?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself to avoid a frightful claim situation during the holiday season.  NHC Insurance Services will be presenting possible different claim scenarios you or a friend might find themselves in.  I hope you get to thinking about your family and if you are you properly protected?

Possible Claim #1:  A small trick or treater is racing across your lawn to beat the other trick or treater to your door.  In doing so, one of them trips and falls breaking their arm.  It’s dark out, decorations on the front lawn….. maybe they tripped over their own feet? Who knows? Could you, the homeowner/renter be held liable for those medical bills and more?

You COULD possibly be held liable.  Your homeowners/renters insurance policies should include Personal Liability coverage.  In California, this pays for your defense costs and judgment if entered against you AND YOU ARE FOUND NEGLIGENT.  That is key to Personal Liability being paid out on your behalf, you must be negligent!  Your policy should also include Medical Payments coverage.  This extends to people who do not live in your household.  It’s very inexpensive to increase one or both of these limits! Coverage all depends on the state you live in, the company you’re insured with and the endorsements attached to your policy.

Don’t be scared!  Insurance shouldn’t be a scary thing.  With the help & advice of a knowledgeable Independent Insurance Agent, you’ll be on your way to a good nights sleep!

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