“Are you protected from the Halloween scare of hosting a party and a guest gets drunk”?

‘Tis the holiday season where we have parties with family and friends over to celebrate the season. Some of these parties may include alcoholic beverage’s in which you need to ask yourself, are you liable for your guests actions at or after your party? Well depending on where you live and the state in which you reside, you could have some serious financial consequences. Check your policy and call your agent if you are hosting a party to see if you are properly protected. Again depending on where you live, your state may impose no liability when you host a party. Some states may limit their liability to a persons injuries that occur while in your home. You may be held liable for other costs such as medical costs, repair costs of their vehicle, a wrongful death claim or time lost from work. Hiring a bartender might be helpful in monitoring the amount of alcohol that has been served and how much your guests are consuming. Review your policy carefully and call your agent. Make sure you’re properly protected! Call NHC Insurance Services today for your FREE INSURANCE REVIEW and consultation. We’ve been providing Peace of Mind to our friends, families and clients since 1986!