Lesser-used coverage like personal ATV insurance and boat insurance in California often get overlooked, as most are primarily using these vehicles recreationally in their spare time.

Although boats, ATVs and other recreational crafts typically don’t require an insurance plan in California, it’s important to consider opting for at least basic coverage. Here’s why:

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance can cover things like liability in case you’re at fault in an accident, medical payments if someone on your boat is injured, physical damage to your watercraft, personal effects like clothing, life vests, electronic equipment, cell phones, etc, and other types of necessary coverage in the event of an incident.

Opting for boat insurance in California can save you thousands down the line. Like any other type of insurance, you’ll pay upfront now and save big later. Typical personal watercraft insurance plans range from $350-$600 annually, depending on the type and size of the watercraft— a small price to pay if something doesn’t go as planned on the water.

Off-Roading and Personal ATV Insurance

Whether you’re consistently on the dirt trail or only use your leisure vehicles occasionally, it’s important to have your off-road toys covered. ATVs, dirt bikes,
snowmobiles, golf carts and any other motorsports are risky by nature and can result in costly expenses down the line.

Like with boat insurance in California, coverage for your off-road vehicles is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Coverage can include personal property damage, bodily injury and physical damage to your “toys”, coverages that many find useful for these high-risk vehicles.

South Bay Insurance Services for ANY Need 

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