Auto Theft and Break-Ins during the Holidays, Avoid being a victim!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and thieves need to give presents too!  Holiday shopping can provide many of opportunities for thieves to rob you and/or the gifts you just purchased. Cars provide these opportunities as drivers are usually thinking of what gifts to buy, or the party they’re heading too or other holiday cheer! 

We start shopping when the sun comes up and then head to our cars to unload our new purchases, then head back in for more shopping.  Someone could be watching for the quick and easy opportunity to break into our cars.  Some police agencies report 90% of these crimes happen simply for the mere fact, we forget to lock our doors.

Some tips to help avoid being a victim of car theft or burglary:

  • Be sure to roll up your windows & lock your doors, double check and lock them again as thieves may have special devices to prevent you from locking it.¬† So, lock it a couple times to ensure it‚Äôs LOCKED!
  • Keep your packages out of view by putting them under your seats, in your trunk or even just covering the packages with something else in your car if you don‚Äôt have a trunk.¬†¬†
  • Remove any type of electronics such as radar detectors or any kind of GPS from your dash and store in the trunk as well or under your seats.
  • Be sure when parking to park in very well lit parking lots or spaces and always remember to park as close to the building as possible.

    Bottom line here is to use your common sense!  Lock your doors, cover up presents or take them out completely.  The extra effort to stay alert and make good decisions will ensure your peace of mind and most likely keep you from being the robber’s next victim!

    Call NHC Insurance Services today for your free Auto/Home/Renter’s quote to ensure your holiday gifts are covered in the event of this happening to you.  We’ve been providing Peace of Mind to our clients, families and friends since 1986!