California insurance services are especially specific when it comes to home and auto policies. Many don’t realize what they’re actually getting with their plans, especially if they choose minimum coverage just to satisfy California law.

Here are some California insurance services every resident should have:

California Insurance Services to Accommodate Locationally-Specific Events

When it comes to insuring your home, it’s important to take into account locationally-specific events that could prove costly if not prioritized. For example, some parts of California are more prone to flooding and unfortunately, flood insurance policies aren’t usually included in basic coverage. Seasonal fires have become a new reality for most California residents, so it’s wise to consider adding or increasing your fire insurance limits.

Most locals are aware that earthquakes are a fact of life in California— preparing for the inevitable can save you thousands of dollars in damage to your home, property and, in more extreme cases, can pay to relocate you while your home is unlivable.

Renters Insurance: What Californians Need to Know

When it comes to renters insurance, it might be enticing to pay for minimum coverage— however, if you’re in an area prone to break-ins or any form of destructive disasters (flooding, fires, earthquakes, etc), it might be valuable to consider a better policy.

Your renter’s policy covers your property against theft or damage subject to the limits, deductibles and perils covered.  For a small additional premium, you can choose to carry full value coverage on your personal property to ensure that you will be paid the full replacement cost of items that are damaged or stolen without deduction for depreciation. NHC Insurance Services includes this important coverage automatically on ALL their policies.  This will ensure that any items affected by certain unfortunate circumstances are replaced in full.

Auto Insurance Services in California

High-traffic areas are naturally prone to more accidents— California has the highest number of auto accidents out of any state, in fact, in 2021 alone there have been 3,316 accidents.  All insurance companies have rules or conditions to their policies that will exclude coverage for certain types of events that the average consumer would assume are covered. Knowing exactly what to look for in an auto policy is important, especially for California residents who commute daily or drive any distance in the high-traffic state.

California Insurance Services Specific to You

Many California residents don’t know where to start when it comes to home and auto insurance. With so many companies, policies and specificities in the insurance world, leaving it up to the experts might be the best solution.

NHC Insurance Services can help California residents pick the best insurance for their specific needs, allowing them to create customized personal insurance packages tailored to their needs and budgets. Our California insurance services are unlike most agencies that represent a single company with a limited approach to policies and services— we have access to numerous, highly-rated insurance providers with a variety of policy options.

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