“Don’t be frightened on Halloween” Tips & Tricks to avoid scary insurance claims.

During the month of October, NHC Insurance Services is going to provide you with some tips, tricks and possible claim scenarios to help make Halloween safe and fun at your house.

More then 51% of people will decorate their home or yard for Halloween.  In general, many more claims/incidents happen on Halloween.  The day after Halloween, you often find smashed pumpkins in yards and the street.  You can find eggs that were thrown at homes and cars which can cause serious damage to your property.   Taking safety measures to SAFEGUARD YOUR HOME and yard can help reduce your chances of falling victim to some Halloween horror pranks.

Here are some tips to help you make your home a safe place for trick or treaters to visit:

-          Keep your home and yard well lit.  If you are not going to be home, then it’s recommended you leave your lights on, maybe even your TV to make it look as though somebody is home.  Those looking to burglarize/vandalize your home, will probably look for a dark property where it looks like nobody is home.

-          Put things that  can be vandalized (like your pumpkins and other decorations) in an area that is not easily accessible to trick or treaters passing by.

-          Keep your pets/dogs inside and away from trick or treaters.  They can get over-excited & even scared by the trick or treaters and their costumes. You never know how your dog may react.

-          If you decorate with Halloween lights, check them to ensure no broken lights, exposed sockets or wires.  Get rid of any damaged lights.

If you’re going to be out on the road, remember that trick or treaters can be easily distracted by their friends, other costumes, siblings and of course the Candy in the bag.  They might not be paying attention to motorists.  It’s up to you to be extra careful driving & to stay alert!  Make sure you don’t get distracted by all the cute costumes!  Be aware of your surroundings and take the speed limit down, especially near residential area’s.

Keep in mind that Halloween should be fun & safe for everybody!  Review your home/renter’s insurance policies for possible gaps or the need to increase your liability limit at a very minimal additional premium.

Don’t be scared – Talk to your local Independent Insurance Agent about an Umbrella or Excess Liability policy.  The costs for this is usually around $200-$350 for 1 million in extra liability protection!  Call NHC Insurance Services today!  Get your FREE INSURANCE REVIEW so you aren’t left out in the DARK!