Halloween Tricks for Business Owners


Being a Business Owner can sometimes make you feel like a Zombie!! Luckily, your trusty Insurance Agents are here with some Tips and Tricks on how to safeguard your business so that this Halloween will be more of a treat than anything else!

During the Halloween Season, crime tends to increase as well as other spooky incidents.  So please, read our helpful list below of things you can do to mitigate any potential claims that could cause a ghoulish headache and ruin your Holiday!

• Make sure your doors are locked from the inside, especially if your staff is counting money.

• Double check and make sure that your business is properly locked up before leaving.

• Make sure all outdoor lights and motion sensor lights are in proper working order.

• If your business is open later into the evening and employees are leaving work at later times, make sure they have a “buddy” to walk to their car with (another employee).

• Install video cameras inside and outside of your facility to help catch any Halloween tricks that may be played on your business.

• The Holiday Season can bring increased foot-traffic in your business which can lead to slip and fall accidents. Be sure to keep aisles and hallways clear from tripping hazards.

• Decorations can also be hazardous – especially candles. Be sure to use faux or battery-operated candles as part of your holiday décor to prevent any fire risk.


These helpful tips should be used in your business year round as well as the Holiday Season.  NHC Insurance is here to make sure you are properly covered if any claim arises and most importantly educate our insured’s on how to properly safeguard their livelihood!  NHC wishes that each and every one of you have a frighteningly fun and Safe Halloween!