Owning a home in California in 2023 comes with the unique risk of common natural disasters— the state is especially prone to earthquakes, fires and floods. No matter how comprehensive your homeowners insurance policy is, it typically excludes coverage for  Earthquake and Flood events.

Here are three insurance add-ons every resident needs in 2023, according to expert California agency insurance services:

Earthquake Insurance 

Earthquake coverage can pay to rebuild your house to equal stature, cover the contents inside your home and pay for any detached structures on the property. It can also pay for residents to live elsewhere while the property is being rebuilt or repaired. Most policies exclude damages or losses from floods, and other effects caused by earthquakes— you’ll have to purchase these coverages separately. Learn more in this article.

Flood Insurance 

The events of January 2023 exposed California’s unpreparedness for extreme weather, which is why it’s essential for residents to cover all bases when it comes to their insurance. Flood insurance in California covers damages to your home and property, with the option to add additional coverage if you reside in a high flood zone. Your homeowners insurance policy likely does not cover flooding, so it’s important to understand your risk and options. Learn more here.

Purchasing Homeowners Insurance Add-Ons

Knowing which coverage to purchase for your needs and budget can be a daunting task— NHC Insurance Services can help. Our access to numerous highly-rated insurance providers allows us to create a customized insurance plan that provides optimal coverage at minimal costs.

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