NHC wants to provide you with the best auto insurance so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible following any event. Should your car get damaged during an accident, by theft or other circumstances, you’ll be covered.

Comprehensive Auto Policies

Our auto owner’s insurance is a comprehensive policy that may also offer coverage for medical and legal costs in case of injury, loss of life or property damage in an auto accident.

Finding out how much auto insurance you need is not all about comparing quotes. During your research for California auto insurance, you will likely find many companies offering insurance policies that don’t provide coverage for specific events you might think are covered. It is also probable that some rates are so low you are skeptical, and some rates are too high and out of your budget.

Although there are several types of auto insurance and the jargon can sound complicated, finding California auto insurance doesn’t have to be a complex process. Getting in contact with one of our advisors can help clear things up and nudge you in the right direction according to your needs.

So How Much Auto Insurance is Right for You?

There are minimum auto insurance limits of liability that each state requires. The state minimum for California can be found here.

The NHC team is orientated to whatever your needs are as the customer. We have partnered up with a number of auto insurance carriers to find exactly which company will fit your needs best. We offer auto insurance policies in California as well as numerous other states and offer our services to you no matter where you reside.