After getting a DUI, your premium could almost double in price— however, it is possible to find affordable DUI auto insurance coverage.

Clear Communication

It is essential to come forth with any previous offenses you might have so that the quotes you get back are accurate to your needs and qualifications. Whether your obtained DUI is a one-time mistake on your part or a risk you take regularly, insurance companies label you as a high-risk driver and your premium will drastically increase. If you disclose your need for DUI auto insurance, it is easier to find the right premium to cover you in situations you would most likely be in.

Comparing Prices

As you would do with house, car, or health insurance, comparing prices of DUI auto insurance is advisable. Finding an affordable DUI insurance policy for you is entirely based on what you are comfortable spending. There are numerous companies offering DUI insurance which means you can be picky and find a quote that suits you financially.

Be Thorough in Your Research

Big companies are easiest to find, however, this doesn’t mean smaller companies are to be disregarded. Smaller insurance businesses can be well renowned, offer good DUI auto insurance, and offer satisfactory and supportive service. Take time to read up about a company’s reputation and schedule a consultation if you want. A professional will be able to suggest a suitable coverage for you, whether its basic, full, or with various add-ons.

Affordable Policies

DUI insurance can be affordable and suited to your needs based on which company and policy you choose. NHC Insurance Services offers several insurance services including the best DUI coverage tailored to your available finances and preferences.

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