Are you a driver with points on your record or recent violations? Or perhaps you’re just curious about how the world of California auto insurance works when it comes to your driving history. Our expert California agency insurance services will dissect crucial information to help you better understand the complex landscape of auto insurance, including how points and violations can impact your rates and what steps you can take to mitigate the financial consequences.

Here’s what you need to know: 

Understanding the Competitive Market 

Auto insurance can be a fiercely competitive market, especially for drivers who have accumulated two or more points on their driving record. These points are often the result of traffic violations, with a DUI standing out as a particularly impactful one—it’s worth two points and can affect your insurance rates for a staggering 10 years.

The Importance of Good Driver Discounts

One of the key factors in determining your insurance premiums is your status as a “good driver.” Losing this coveted Good Driver Discount can result in a significant increase in your premiums— in some cases, we’ve seen rates double. Preferred insurance companies often sweeten the deal by offering Superior Good Driver Discounts to those with spotless records.

Are you unsure if you qualify for any discounts on your premiums? Contact us to speak to an expert— our California agency insurance services are here to offer advice and guidance. 

The Financial Impact of a DUI

A DUI conviction comes with a hefty price tag. Beyond court fees and penalties, you’ll also need to cover the costs of mandatory drunk driving programs. However, one of the most substantial financial burdens you’ll face is the increase in premiums you’ll be paying over the next decade. The same goes for other violations or at-fault accidents—you’ll feel the financial sting for years to come.

Challenges in the California Auto Insurance Market

The auto insurance market has its share of challenges. Some carriers have pulled out of California altogether, while others have placed restrictions on the number of policies they write each month. This has made it increasingly difficult for clean drivers—those with pristine records and no violations or accidents—to find affordable coverage. If you have two or more points on your record, the challenge becomes even greater.

Traffic School: Your Insurance Lifesaver

Consider enrolling in online traffic school if you receive a moving violation. Completing traffic school can prevent the violation from affecting your insurance rates at your policy renewal. This simple step can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

California Auto Insurance: The Art of Avoiding Small Claims

It’s essential to exercise caution when considering whether to turn in small claims to your auto insurance carrier. Claims under $1000, especially those involving no injuries, are typically not considered chargeable accidents. This means your premiums won’t increase if damages stay under this amount. However, times are changing, and even non-chargeable or not-at-fault accidents can cause an insurer to think twice about taking on a new risk if you decide to shop for a new policy.

California Agency Insurance Services that Work for YOU 

Fortunately, there are other options for drivers facing excessive insurance rates. NHC Insurance specializes in providing coverage for high-risk drivers, including those with DUIs and multiple violations or accidents on their records. It’s essential to explore these specialized options to find the coverage you need.

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