Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

The Protection You Need

A Landlord Protection policy gives you coverage to rebuild the Dwelling as well as some Liability protection should somebody get injured while visiting. We always recommend our Landlords require their tenants carry a renters policy in their lease agreements and to be added as an Additional Interest to that renter’s policy.

This way if the renter has a dog, if the renter has to move elsewhere while repairs are being made or the renter wants to protect their own personal property and their own personal liability, they have the coverage they need.

This is how to properly protect yourself as a landlord as well as to help ensure your tenant is properly protected in the event of a loss/claim. This will help minimize the owner’s exposure to possible lawsuits.

When it comes to insurance for myself and family I go with only one thing – peace of mind that’s what I call NHC Insurance. I have our home, autos and personal property all with NHC.

The professional service and response that I get every time I talk to Julia Burdick is number one. I know that when I hang up the phone it’s taken care of – peace of mind.

Scott S.

What You Need To Know

Landlord Protection policies provide liability to the named insured/owner of the property should they be named in a lawsuit. If the property is titled to a Trust or an LLC, you want to make sure those entities are also listed and properly protected.

An important coverage that landlords need to ensure they have on this type of policy is PERSONAL INJURY COVERAGE. This covers the landlord for many things such as  Privacy Invasion, Wrongful Eviction, Wrongful Entry as well as Liable or Slander to name a few.

Extra Coverage Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Working with an Independent Insurance Broker like NHC Insurance Services really opens up the coverage options that may be offered to you.  There are a lot of well known insurance companies that also write this type of policy but often don’t cover or don’t add the important coverage of PERSONAL INJURY. If you own a home and/or other income properties, the liability limits offered on this type of policy might be limited and you may want to seek additional liability limits. You can do that by purchasing a Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability policy which are very inexpensive for the amount of peace of mind they provide!

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