Target has HUGE Data Breach Loss!! Could your bank account be in jeopardy?!!? Do you have coverage for Data Breach and Cyber Liability for your business in case this happens to you?

Target has huge Data Breach Loss!!  Your bank accounts may be in jeopardy!!  Please read this article and understand the importance of Data Breach coverage and Cyber Liability in this day and age.  If you are a business owner, please contact us to go over ways to protect your business from losses such as the one happening to Target right now.  Would your business be able to sustain a huge breach such as the one Target is facing?  Would you be able to help your clients/customers through the difficulty of this intrusiveness?  Would you have the time and money to notify every single customer and client as required by California law?  Those who rely on you to protect their business interests also trust you to protect their personal information. When sensitive data is exposed, your reputation is on the line.  Contact NHC Insurance TODAY about getting a quote for this pertinent coverage!!