Cassandra C.

I have been working with NHC for at least six years. The relationship arose when I was at the escrow office trying to close the purchase of a home in Sherman Oaks. Only then did I find out that my prior insurance broker, with whom I had worked for seven years, had not been able to place insurance because of the fire hazard zoning in the area. In desperation, I called a friend who lived in the area and she referred me to NHC. I literally called them from the escrow office trying to save the close of escrow—and Nancy and NHC came through and we closed on time.

Shortly thereafter, I began working with Julia Burdick, who is terrific. I remember one time in particular a few years ago when Julia came to my rescue. I had been involved in a hit and run accident—when I was 3-months pregnant and had my 2-year old in the car. Luckily my Volvo safety features kicked in and all were fine. But, I was pretty shaken up by the whole incident and frustrated that the car that had hit me had the gall to simply drive away. I called Julia and in short order she arranged for a fantastic repair shop to take my car in the next day and for a rental car that would be covered by my insurer while the repairs were being done. Although I am not overly picky about cars, Julia knew that I was pretty shaken up by the accident. Therefore, I was very pleased when I arrived at the rental agency and was told that my agent had called to make sure that there was a Volvo waiting for me. Julia knew that that would give me a little bit more comfort. Her protection and service were very much appreciated!