Tis the season for burglaries and robberies. Some tips on how to help safeguard your home!

I don’t think you’d be shocked to learn that there is an increase in burglaries and robberies between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  You need to take EXTRA precautions during this time of year to better safeguard your home and your FAMILY!

This is the time of year when we spend more time away from our homes.  We have holiday parties and gatherings to attend, lots of shopping and malls to hit up. A lot of us travel out of town so this is when the robbers come out to “shop” at your homes for the holidays.

One thing we don’t pay much mind too is the fact that a lot of us display our tree and presents in the window for all to see.  Be aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Here are some tips and extra precautions you can take:

  • ¬†If you see vehicles in your area not normally there, write down a plate #, report suspicious activity. Establish a neighborhood watch program if you don‚Äôt already have one.
  • ¬†If possible, install security cameras‚Äô at your home.¬† Cameras‚Äô and alarms may deter burglaries.¬† It will most likely provide a premium credit to your homeowners policy if being monitored by a company.¬†
  • Be sure to double check all windows and doors to ensure they are secure and locked while you are not home. You‚Äôd be surprised how many of these burglaries happen during the day time. Use a timer to turn on lights, confuse burglars as to whether or not your home.

    Just remember to be mindful of your surroundings and keep an eye out for things that don’t seem normal.  Call NHC Insurance Services today for your Free Insurance Review and Quote.  We’ve been providing Peace of Mind to our clients, friends and families since 1986!