“Tricks for a safer Halloween Party or Haunted House” Things to know when you have guests at your home.

If you are planning a Halloween Party or a Haunted House at your home this holiday season, NHC Insurance has some tips of things you should know to make it a safer holiday for everybody!

Whenever you have a party or invite guests or visitors into your home, you open yourself up to possible liability claims against your homeowners policy.  The key especially around the holidays when the foot traffic is more, is to take every precaution.  Such as  using fire resistant decorations, purchase the electric candles instead of the ones that can spill over and cause a fire.  Make sure walkways are clear for trick or treaters wearing masks that may impair their vision.

If you’re having a big party with lots of guests or having your home turned into a haunted scare house, you may want to look into coverage for that party.  Most states have policies you can purchase for a “one-time event”. This gives you extra liability protection amongst other coverage’s for your 1 day event.  Call your friendly independent Insurance Agent for advice and a review of your coverage’s prior to an injury or fire happens.

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