Welcome, welcome! We hope that you have taken the time to navigate through our new website and were able to see how user friendly it is. Well, at least, we hope that it is user friendly as we worked hard to try and bring an updated version to you that allows you to be interactive. Please feel free to give us any comments or suggestions on ways to improve or to let us know how awesome it is! 😉

We will be writing a monthly Blog as well which will cover all sorts of topics that don’t always pertain directly to insurance, but some local information and fun items we can all discuss! Let us know about anything you would like to know more about and we will make sure to write something about it.

Everyone here and NHC is really excited about our new website and really trying to embrace the ease of having everything at your fingertips. We are always here for any questions you have…..please e-mail or call us; we would love to talk to you!

Thank you for stopping by and please stay tuned…..it’s going to get good around here!