Personal insurance comes with an excess of complexities in coverage, costs and stipulations. When it comes to auto and homeowners insurance companies, there are numerous hidden fees, deficiencies in coverage and other concealed specifications.

Here are just a few things homeowners and auto insurance companies don’t want you to know:

You Might Not Be Covered

Whether you opt for minimal protection or a more extensive plan, you might be missing basic coverages you would think are standard. For example, most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover floods or earthquakes and possibly other disasters common in the area you reside. Auto insurance at minimal requires liability coverage, which means that you and your assets may not be fully covered if you’re found to be at fault in an accident.

Knowing exactly what to look for when it comes to insurance coverage can help you save money in case of an unfortunate event. Make sure you’re working with the right California agency insurance services who can help you find maximum coverage at a minimal cost.

You Might Be Eligible to Receive More Than What You’re Insured For

It’s important to read the fine print— oftentimes auto and homeowner insurance companies will include “special” or “additional” coverages beyond what you’re aware of. Even though they will charge you for the additional coverage, to have the option to take or decline the additional coverage is up to you!   Knowing exactly what your policy covers is imperative before a claim as well as to saving money.

NHC Works with the Best Auto and Homeowner Insurance Companies

We could go on forever about the “fine print” and other ways insurance companies avoid having to payout. Ultimately, choosing a high-quality provider is the best method to ensure optimal coverage and pricing.

NHC’s California agency insurance services offer access to numerous, highly rated insurance providers. We take the time to understand your needs and budget to help you choose the best coverage for you, all while helping you understand your specific plans and policies.