Like any vehicle, boat insurance is a necessity when it comes to protecting your property. Although not legally required in California, some marinas do require at least minimum coverage to use their facilities. 

Watercraft insurance will cover you in case of an accident or property theft. Smaller boats are typically covered with homeowners insurance, but it’s ideal to separate boat coverage on larger crafts. 

But how much is boat insurance? What are your options for coverage? How can you get the best value? Here’s what you need to know about boat insurance in California: 

Boat Insurance Coverage

“All risk” policies offer the best protection, but do not necessarily cover every type of loss— marring, denting, manufacturer defects and other common occurrences are typically excluded. 

As with any other type of insurance, adding additional coverage is usually your best bet. Medical payments, uninsured boaters liability and specialized coverage for expensive equipment are just three of your options for add-ons. Make sure to talk to your agent to discuss the best option for you. 

How Much Is Boat Insurance in California?

Depending on your coverage and add-ons, watercraft insurance can range anywhere from $250-$1,000 annually, with California’s yearly average at about $344. This is a small cost, considering the benefits.

South Bay Insurance Services to Help You Find the Best Coverage

NHC Insurance Services can help you find personalized coverage for your budget and usage. As an independent insurance agency, we have access to numerous highly-rated insurance providers— rather than trying to fit your needs into a pre-configured package, we’ll fill in the gaps of your existing coverage, or set up a plan specific to YOU.  

We have the expertise and resources available to help find the most comprehensive protection for you, your guests, your vessel and its equipment. Click here to see more about how our South Bay insurance services can help you find the best watercraft insurance available for you.