With almost seven million residents renting their homes, there are no shortage of options for renters insurance in California. Although this type of insurance is not required by law, some landlords require coverage — and if you own anything worth money, we highly recommend that you consider signing up for a policy.

But where do you start when it comes to renters insurance in California?

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance typically covers your personal property against damage and theft — clothes, furniture, electronic items and even some items located outside of your home (property stolen from your car, luggage damaged on a trip, etc).

Coverage is also generally provided for:

Personal liability: if someone is injured on your property or their property is damaged and they try to blame you
Medical payments: covers medical costs if a guest is injured on your property
Additional living expenses: if your house becomes temporarily uninhabitable, this coverage will help pay for additional housing and other out-of-pocket expenses until your home is repaired

Of course, each renters insurance policy has its own limitations — so what would be the best renters insurance in California?

The Best Renters Insurance in California

That’s a trick question — as an individual your home and possessions are unique, which means your insurance policy should be too. Rather than trying to fit your specific needs into a pre-structured package, it’s best to consider personalized coverage suited to you.

At NHC Insurance Services, we’ll get to know you and your specific coverage needs to make it easy to find a policy that’s best for you. If you’re currently covered, we take the hassle out of comparing existing policies, finding the best renters insurance costs and identifying what coverages you might be missing.

Give us a call or request a quote to get started with your tailored coverage today!